News Roundup: Nintendo Direct 4/17/2013

Here is a quick list of what was announced today during the newest Nintendo Direct Broadcast:

  • Mario and Luigi Dream Team for Nintendo 3DS footage and gameplay shown. Coming out August 11th
  • Mario Golf World Tour video shown. Feature available to play with other people around the world. Community feature available much like Mario Kart 7. Coming this Summer
  • New Mario Party coming to 3DS. Coming this Winter
  • New Super Luigi U. Map is the same, but every stage is brand new. Luigi has his signature hover jump, which is a little higher than Mario, but he doesn’t stop as well. Each level only starts with 100 seconds. Coming Summer 2013
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D info. 3DS version has an optional easier difficulty which Iwata explain is more optimized for portable gaming. Co-op play is available over local wireless. Coming May 24th
  • New Yoshi’s Island game coming to 3DS. Future release date coming
  • More Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move details. Various game modes, including ability to share and play other people’s custom levels download from the net. Coming May 9th.
  • Wii Spring System Update is releasing next week. Includes improved loading time, ability to copy between USB drive, Install games in the background, hold B down at start up to start up Wii Mode, Download software while system is in sleep mode(?) (He said quite a bit of news so I’ll try to update this completely later).
  • Virtual Console service starting the day after system update. Many NES and SNES games being released.
  • GBA and N64 games coming in the future
  • Wii U Panorama View will be coming as a free downloadable demo after the system update.
  • Different videos can be purchased for $2 each.
  • Pikmin 3 news. New flying Pikmin shown off, “Winged Pikmin”. Launching in “just a few month” more info coming between now and launch.
  • Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan) will be available in NA/EU later this year. WOW. Release date not announced.
  • Game and Wario gameplay announced. Coming June 23rd
  • Talked about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, nothing really new.
  • Talked about LEGO City: Undercover. Coming April 21st (if you didn’t already know)
  • Special Swapnotes coming for specific games
  • Animal Crossing 3DS XL hardware bundle coming with Animal Crossing pre-installed. MSRP of $219.99
  • Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle Seasons coming May 30th to 3DS Virtual Console
  • Bravely Default coming 2014
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies coming in 2014
  • Bugs vs. Tanks coming 
  • Attack of the Friday Monsters
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV coming and has a big special edition. Coming July 16th
  • New Legend of Zelda for 3DS coming this holiday 2013. Takes place in the same game world as a Link to the Past, similar sounds, music while featuring a new story line and new dungeons. 3D preview video is available on the eShop right now.
And that’s it! I did miss a few things, but none of the important stuff 😉 What are you most excited about? 
Check Nintendo’s Youtube Channel for trailers and videos of many of the games shown, including this one below for the launch of the Wii U Virtual Console 

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